Super Sprouter® gives you the best start for seedlings and cuttings!

HEAT MATS to gently warm your seedling trays so seeds/cuttings sprout earlier, grow faster and develop stronger roots. Choose from single tray, double tray or four tray heat mats.

THERMOSTATS for heat mats to maintain exact soil temperature control. Analog or digital thermostat styles are available.

NEOPRENE INSERTS provide safe, economical support for fragile cuttings.

PROPAGATION KITS choose from a variety of kits with everything you need for successful seed germination or cutting propagation.

PLUG TRAYS Come pre-filled with pre-drilled plugs in a propagation tray for quick and easy seed starting.

DOMES AND TRAYS High quality germination and humidity domes and heavy duty trays for seedling and cutting propagation.